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Developing Drupal


Windows Tools: Git, Drush with Acquia Dev Desktop

If you need to use Windows for Drupal development, you can still have access to some of the useful Linux/Drupal tools. In this video, we're going to show how to install Acquia Dev Desktop for Windows, then install drush and git. Next, we'll download Drupal project using drush & git and import it into the dev desktop. Finally, we'll take a look at setting up site aliases for drush and installing drush make.


Friendlydrupal Podcast 1 - Beginning the Journey

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Join Natalie & Matt for the first episode of the Friendlydrupal podcast. We talk about becoming a Drupal and PHP developer, useful books and resources and being a part Drupal community. Oh, and rocks!


How to Install Aegir Drupal Hosting Platform on Ubuntu

This tutorial covers installing Aegir hosting system for Drupal websites on Ubuntu, including all the requirements such as Apache and Drush. If you administer more than a handful of Drupal websites and regularly use Drush and Git, check it out, it's definitely a lifesaver.


Drupal Development on Ubuntu with Virtualbox. Part 6: Serving Websites from Ubuntu to Windows

In the previous episodes, we've setup Ubuntu as a virtual server to work on Drupal and other projects right on Ubuntu as a guest OS. However, sometimes it's more convenient to configure Ubuntu LAMP to serve webpages directly to the host OS (Windows) browsers. In this tutorial, we're going to configure the network interfaces to assign static IP to the Ubuntu server and Apache virtual hosting to host several websites from the same IP. Watch the video or read further for detailed instructions with screenshots.

Drupal Development on Ubuntu with Virtualbox. Part 5: Introduction to Netbeans IDE

Drupal is up and running on Ubuntu Linux and now you need to write some code. Whether you're modifying a theme or working on a new module, an integrated development environment (IDE) such as Netbeans will always come in handy. In this tutorials we will take a look at installation, interface and database options. Note that even though we're going to install it on Linux, the functionality is mostly the same as on a Windows version.


Drupal Development on Ubuntu with Virtualbox. Part 3: Configure Apache Virtual Hosts to Install a New Drupal Website

Having installed LAMP on Ubuntu in the previous video tutorials, we're now ready to set up Drupal - with some additional configuration of Apache virtual host.


Drupal Development on Ubuntu with Virtualbox. Part 2: Installing Apache Web Server, PHP, MySQL & phpMyAdmin

Once Ubuntu is running on Virtualbox with guest additions, the next step to developing Drupal on Ubuntu is setting up Apache web server with PHP 5, MySQL 5 & phpMyAdmin.


Drupal Development on a Virtual Ubuntu. Part 1: Install Virtualbox and Ubuntu on Windows

In this screencast, we're going to see how to install Virtualbox on your Windows machine. Then we'll create a new guest Ubuntu installation in order to run LAMP server and install Drupal later on. We'll also install Virtualbox guest additions for better integration with the guest OS and setup shared folders between Windows and Ubuntu.