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Theming Drupal


Share Content With Addthis How-to

This tutorial covers how to add sexy sharing buttons and links to your Drupal site using addthis module (Drupal 6 only for now). The links can be added to any content type and customized in their appearance.


Theming individual CCK fields with templates and preprocess functions

If you use Drupal 6, you most likely also use CCK (mostly in core in Drupal). In this tutorial, we explore several methods you can use to theme invidual CCK fields for your content types. We'll take a look at field templates, preprocess functions and custom template suggestions.


Rounded Corners and other CSS 3 Features for Internet Explorer with CSS3Pie

Edit: there's actually a CSS3PIE module for Drupal!

In this episode, we'll take a look at how to make popular CSS3 features such as rounded corners and gradients in your Drupal theme to work in older versions of IE (<9). Drupal 7 theme Bartik is used as an example.


How You Can Tell You See a Drupal Newbie's Website, Or Did You Forget To Change the Favicon?

Drupal theme configuration page allows you to upload a custom shortcut icon a.k.a favicon.

Drupal administrators (especially beginners) sometimes overlook this option and so their websites end up with the default icon (and who can blame them, it's not like Drupal doesn't have a million of other, usually more important settings to take care of).