15 modules to improve your Drupal administration and content management experience (D6 & D7) - part II

A continuation of the useful administration modules list started in Part I.


Used extensively by the developers, devel module can also be very helpful to the site administrators. One of its more popular features is automatic content generation (such as users and nodes) - including media files! Another nice feature is switching between users (for example, to test access permissions). It also integrates well with the admin menu module mentioned in the first part of the article.

To use Devel on Drupal 6, go to admin/generate and choose the type of items to generate (the modules comes with taxonomy, content and users, other modules add more types of content). The module can also delete the existing items (for examples, nodes by type).

15 modules to improve your Drupal administration and content management experience (D6 & D7) - part I

Whether you're on Drupal 7 with it's clean administration theme, or still on Drupal 6, there're ways to make interface more userfriendly and improve the workflow.

Administration menu

Administration Menu module is a must for Drupal 6, but it's still helpful on Drupal 7 as a replacement for the built in admin toolbar. It's main feature is a toolbar with dropdown menus where you can drill down the entire menu tree (you can even add local tasks such as tabs to it). It also integrates with Devel module and VBO (see below) and has more nice features.

Redirect 403 to User Login (r4032login module).

r4032login is one of those small modules that can significantly improve Drupal user experience. Remember what happens if anonymous users, for example, are trying to access restricted content (such as admin pages)? They see this:

access restricted content

Drupal Intranets with Open Atrium Giveaway - Comment to Win a New Drupal Book

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How You Can Tell You See a Drupal Newbie's Website, Or Did You Forget To Change the Favicon?

Drupal theme configuration page allows you to upload a custom shortcut icon a.k.a favicon.

Drupal administrators (especially beginners) sometimes overlook this option and so their websites end up with the default icon (and who can blame them, it's not like Drupal doesn't have a million of other, usually more important settings to take care of).

A Quick Tip To Make Your Drupal Website More Secure: Turn Off PHP Filter in Posts

Just turn PHP Filter off. There's a reason why it's in a separate module turned off by default.

Now, why is it even there in the first place?

Drupal security: turn off PHP filter

One probable reason is that it can be useful for Drupal development. I seem to recall that in the dark times before the Views module came along, Drupal administrators and developers used various PHP snippets to run MySQL queries - for example, to show the list of 10 nodes tagged with a specific term on a page. You can still see a bunch of those snippets on Drupal.org handbook.However, this is not a secure practice. Even if you allow PHP filter to be used only trusted roles, if a malicious hacker takes over that role, it would have been much easier for them to cause a lot of damage to your site.